So much fun to make.

A week later and another fun Sunday afternoon with Impact and Box2D has amounted to the PiSpace Alpha. ‘Pong in Space’ was a simple idea that came about during a talk I attended at last year’s GDC. The lead physics programmer at Volition commented that, “Pong with physics is a horrible game, that’s why it’s best to fake some results to make things fun.” After working on this game I have to disagree with him. This is very much an alpha and a work in progress, but I am very happy with it’s current state. New features below!

New features since the initial post last week:

  • Random start velocity vector for Puck
  • “Better” CPU AI
  • Tunneling protection for Paddles and Puck
  • Puck Tunneling results in random location and velocity for Puck
  • Added OST loops provided by CDFrost
  • Added soundFX generated using Bfxr
  • New Splash page to represent the Impact Engine
  • New score system (There’s actually a point now!)
  • Tuned player controls

Near-term features to be added:

  • 2 Player mode
  • Particle effects for vector thrusting
  • Particle effects on puck contact
  • Title Screen
  • Better page integration
  • Add paddle animations
  • Power-ups (ex: opponent paddle becomes susceptible to rotation for a short period)
  • “Tunneling” graphical effects
  • Mobile controls (touch and accel)

Known Bugs:

  • Box2D v2.0.2 destroyProxy handling
  • Paddle/Wall penetration