Derek R. Smith

Husband, father, engineer. Passionate about the craft. Passionate about the people.


Austin, TX - Resume

My name is Derek Smith. I geek out over numbers, data, code, games, sports & physics.

Early on I found I had a fascination with analyzing, describing and modeling systems. I thank my parents for supplying me with an endless supply of Legos growing up which fostered this fascination into something tangible. I tend to view complex systems (code, nuclear reactors, PDEs) as well designed Lego sets, each individual piece serving a critical role that when combined with the other pieces forms a detailed model. Because of this I have a knack for focusing in on one small piece of a system while still considering the effect of that component on the system as a whole. This is why I find Physics, Math and Code so enjoyable.

If you are interested in chatting please contact me at me(at) or on LinkedIn. There is a relatively up-to-date copy of my resume on the site as well. You can follow me on GitHub (@clok) and on Twitter (@cloksmith)!

Cheers –


package main

import (


var (
	k = kemba.New("human")

type engineer struct {
	name      string
	email     string
	motto     string
	languages []string
	tools     []string
	favorites []string

func main() {
	_ = os.Setenv("DEBUG", "human")

	derek := engineer{
		name:      "Derek Smith",
		email:     "",
		motto:     "I can do this all day.",
		languages: []string{"go", "node", "javascript", "typescript", "python", "ruby", "perl", "bash"},
		tools:     []string{"docker", "kubernetes", "aws", "gcp"},
		favorites: []string{"hapi", "debug", "lodash", "husky", "urfave/cli", "git-chglog", "jedib0t/go-pretty", "r3labs/diff"},

	_ = os.Setenv("DEBUG", "")

selected publications

  1. NASA
    NASA DEVELOP Students Use EOS Data to Study Air Quality on the U.S.Canadian Border
    DeWinter J., Keith K.
    The Earth Observer 2007